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Contract Negotiation

We aggressively negotiate hotel contracts to ensure that we are getting the best pricing, the best concessions and the most protective clauses (protecting against unforeseen liabilities) possible. We find the hotel’s threshold to get as much as we can on your behalf.

We don’t stop at negotiating down the room rates and getting meeting room rental as low as possible, if not waived. We continue negotiating to win additional hotel concessions that save our clients money. These could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • lowering hotel in-house Audio Visual pricing
  • waiving banquet labor bartender fees
  • discounted staff rooms, more upgrades, and more complimentary rooms
  • reducing or comping the cost of staging
  • reducing and capping hang point charges
  • reducing the costs of coffee by the gallon
  • comping high-speed internet access connections in the guestrooms and meeting rooms
  • And a myriad of additional items, too many to list. Contact us to learn more.


We also work to mitigate risk – By protecting clients from potential (and costly) liabilities with our unique agency clauses we insist hotels publish in the contract that are all designed to help lessen your organization’s liability with the hotel.

CPR will work with you to better protect your organization with the following strategies:

  • Bringing your attention to and suggesting how to reduce unforeseen financial liabilities
  • Identifying the hotels’ pricing, concession and contract negotiation thresholds while still ensuring everything is fair and equitable for both you and the hotel
  • Sharing extremely unique state-of-the-art contract clauses to better protect your organization
  • Expediting the internal process and turn around time should an in-house legal counsel need to review, as CPR’s protective clauses have already been written into your contract
  • Allowing you to maintain control throughout the process, making all final decisions and signing the contract

Event Troubleshooting

Once the contract has been executed, we don’t disappear. We are by your side if anything goes wrong due to hotel turnover, management changes, unresponsive conference service managers, billing issues, etc.

“We have been so thankful to have been able to call on the services of CPR℠. Their contract negotiation competency has allowed us to save money, protect us in areas we were preciously oblivious to, including limiting potential liabilities. Their knowledge base of hotels, resorts, convention centers and cruise lines has been especially helpful to us. CPR’s services has added value to our events by allowing us to visit new cities, new venues, and new options, a freshness that we really needed. Best of all, our hotel pricing is never impacted as a result of their involvement. It’s the best of both worlds!! Thanks CPR℠ for all you have done and continue to do for us.”

Kimberly Martin
Director Of Meetings & Conventions
eFinity Events, Inc.