1) How is CPR different from many other companies like yours in the industry?
2) How are you able to provide me with 20-30%+ savings?
4) We have a meeting planning department (or planner) that takes care of all of our needs, so why should we be bring in an outside organization?
5) We have direct relationships with the hotels, and we like having those direct relationships. We feel this is a more efficient way to get what we want. They know us. Wouldn’t you just interfere with that relationship/process?
6) We just use the same hotels over and over again, and we’ve been satisfied with the contracts we have negotiated for past meetings with these hotels. What more would you be able to accomplish for us?
7) We have a legal department that helps us negotiate contracts so why should we look to you to help us in that area?
8) How is it that rates aren't impacted when they pay you a marketing fee? Can't we just take the fee that they are paying you and get the rates lowered for our group?
9) If the hotels are the ones paying you, how do we know you have our best interests in mind when you are negotiating on our behalf? How is your loyalty not compromised?
10) We use on software (like Cvent) to shop for hotels and think it is a great tool as it also helps us with registration and other aspects of our event. How do you work with groups who use software like this and how are you better for us?
“As a corporate meeting planner who also has responsibility for trade shows, sample programs, catalog production and special marketing projects, I need reliable business partners that can help me with the details.

CPR℠ has been our source for location searches, contract negotiation and expert meeting advice for the past three years. They have consistently provided me with excellent choices during the search process and have on many occasions joined me on site trips.

Their expertise in contract negotiation has saved my company thousand of dollars on room rates, meeting room fees and food & beverage.

Since we are a major supplier to the hotel industry, we always want to use our good customers for our meeting locations. This can sometimes be difficult during the negotiation process. CPR℠ provides a perfect solution that has been a benefit to our customer relations as well as a way to control meeting costs.”

Jeffery S. Powell
Marketing & Promotion Manager
Edward Don & Company