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How We Work With Our Clients

We can be as hands off or as hands on as you want. If you like building relationships with hotel salespeople, we encourage that. We also want to be sure you or your company is in receipt of all the perks that come with those relationships and rewards memberships. And if you are someone who likes to negotiate, we can step back and only advise if you run into any roadblocks.

But if you are tired of solicitation emails and phone calls, you can simply refer those people to us.

We are here to complement your efforts and the amount of assistance we provide is entirely up to you.

We do not charge you any management fees, hourly fees or project fees for hotel procurement services nor are you are required to sign a contract with us. We earn your business one meeting at a time. And you maintain full control.

How We Work With Hotels

We believe that partnering in good faith with hotel salespeople lends itself to getting more for our clients. That is why we have built strong relationships with hoteliers over many years.

Our compensation does not come from you, instead we earn a marketing service fee from the hotel.

The best part? Conference rates are NOT affected as a result of our service. We ensure that our partner hotels agree to this contractually. Hotels must stipulate in your contracts that our fee will not impact your hotel pricing. Period. Nothing can be negatively impacted. Not the guest room rates, food and beverage prices, nor our ability to negotiate concessions.

“The SWCOLT organization holds an annual conference within a 9 state region. The Conference Planning Resources team has been a dependable partner with our teacher’s organization. They help us search for the hotels that would best suit our educational needs and our budget! I have appreciated CPR’s expertise in negotiating hotel contracts at no cost to our organization. CPR℠ knows the business strategies of the hotel industry – which helps us negotiate a contract that not only saves our organization thousands of dollars, but also limits potential financial liabilities which could harm our non-profit organization. I enjoy working with this friendly group of professionals.”

Jody Klopp
Executive Director
Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT)